3 Benefits of Massage Therapy No One Told You About

Written By TMS Fitness, Total Movement Studio on September 13, 2019

Massage TherapyIt’s no surprise that a good massage can leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and revived, but there’s more to a nice massage than feeling pampered. 

Did you know that massage therapy in Scottsdale has several health benefits that can improve anything from your ability to get a good night’s sleep to anxiety and depression? A massage from a certified massage therapist at TMS Fitness will not only improve your physical and mental health but also accelerate your personalized fitness program.

Everything You Need to Know About Massage Therapy in Scottsdale

The goal at TMS Fitness is to uncover a healthier you, which includes using massage techniques to invigorate your body. Think about it: you spend most of your time actively using your body to commute to work, run errands, take care of your family and hike any of the 400 miles of trails Scottsdale has to offer. At a certain point, you need to take a step back to calm your mind and body. It’s where massage therapy comes in. 

As a part of your physical rehabilitation program, our certified massage therapists use techniques to alleviate the tension from the day as well as reduce pain and inflammation. 

How Can Massage Therapy Benefit You?

Massage therapy has several benefits that have the ability to impact your everyday life. 

Help Your Muscles Stretch Farther

The pressure from a massage focuses deeply on your muscles, loosening them and helping them to relax. Afterward, you will notice heightened flexibility that will work wonders for your day-to-day mobility and fitness program at TMS. 

Relieve Stress After a Long Day

It’s no secret that massage therapy can relieve stress, but regular massages have shown to reduce anxiety and depression. Because the practice releases endorphins in the body and lowers cortisol, you’ll not only experience less stress in the days ahead but a reduction in symptoms from chronic mental health issues.

Reduce Swelling from Injuries

Accidents happen and when they do, injuries are often unavoidable. Thankfully, massage therapy can reduce the swelling and inflammation that occurs when your body is trying to recover. Not only will this alleviate pain on a day-to-day basis but also it will help you take full advantage of your TMS fitness program. 

It’s Time for a More Rejuvenated You

Put yourself first with a massage from TMS Fitness. Our Scottsdale team is ready to get you on your way to a more empowered you!

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