Massage Therapy for Stress in Scottsdale - Is It Effective?

Written By TMS Fitness, Total Movement Studio on May 15, 2019

Woman receiving massage therapy in ScottsdaleMost people would agree that an occasional massage is a nice treat. Many more, though, consider massage therapy one of the most important tools for optimal health.

These people seek out massage therapy for stress in Scottsdale on a regular basis, sometimes getting one every single week.

Is massage therapy effective at helping people reduce stress and stay healthy?

Why You Should Try Massage Therapy for Stress in Scottsdale

Chronic stress can take a huge toll on your health. Not only can it lead to sore, tense muscles, and sleepless nights – it can also lead to major health conditions, including high blood pressure and heart disease.

Fortunately, there’s an effective tool at your disposal: massage therapy.

The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Here are just a few of the ways massage therapy can reduce the effects of stress on your body.

  • Muscle Tension: When you’re stressed, your muscles tense. If you experience chronic stress, the muscles stay tense all the time. This actually puts more stress on the body and can reduce blood and lymph flow. Massage therapy helps the muscles relax and release.
  • Heart Rate/Blood Pressure: A 2013 study found massage therapy, particularly Swedish massage, to be effective at reducing heart rate and blood pressure. The effects weren’t just seen during the massage, but up to weeks after.

Weekly massage has also proven to be more effective at reducing heart rate and blood pressure more than simply resting for an extra hour each week.

Massage Therapy is a Tool for Optimal Health

With all of the health benefits attributed to this form of therapy, you should consider adding it into your healthcare routine. You don’t necessarily need a session every week, but with some consistency, you will start to notice a considerable enhancement in your health and wellbeing.

Have you been feeling stressed out and tense lately? A therapeutic massage can definitely help take off the edge. Contact us at (480) 499-2722 to schedule an appointment for a relaxing massage today.

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