6 Health Benefits of Pilates

Written By TMS Fitness, Total Movement Studio on January 4, 2019

Pilates is a fitness regime developed by Joseph Pilates which focuses on creating overall wellness through body awareness. It works your entire body as well as your mind.

Over time, the program grew in popularity due to how well it worked within the body. Today, you will find Pilates classes incorporated into weight loss programs across the country.

The 6 Health Benefits You Can’t Miss

Pilates has been around for decades, and there’s good reason. With all of the health benefits that come from practicing Pilates, it is definitely worth looking into, and TMS Fitness can help.

1. It Works Your Abs

Pilates focuses on your core muscles unlike any other exercise regimen out there. After weeks of training, you’re going to strengthen muscles and be well on the path to a 6-pack.

2. Pilates Makes Back Pain Better

Improvement to your core muscles naturally leads to a decrease in lower back pain. Pilates allows for you to train and improve your lower back muscles due to the way the exercise is carried out.

3. Good for Everyone

Pilates is incredibly easy on your joints. It makes for an excellent workout regardless of your personal limitations. If you have knee or other joint issues, you can still reap the benefits of a good workout.

4. Increases Flexibility

By practicing Pilates, you’re going to stretch your muscles and build flexibility safely as was proven in a study about the effects of Pilates training on stability and flexibility. Everything you do is based on functionality which means your body will work as intended by following a regular routine.

5. Improves Your Posture

If you find yourself slouching most of the time, your posture is suffering. Pilates can improve your posture by increasing the strength in your core and improving your body’s alignment.

6. Better Connected Mind and Body

Pilates requires a complete focus on your body and what it is doing. By doing it regularly, your body will naturally connect to your mind in a more focused way. For health and meditative qualities in Scottsdale, TMS Fitness can help you reach a more mindful connection to increase your wellness.

A Few Final Thoughts on Pilates

Pilates is a fantastic part of any weight loss program. You will get stronger and improve your health by having a more comprehensive program. 

You can’t go wrong with taking a Pilates class whether it’s at a gym, a private studio, or in your own home. Whatever you decide, you’ll be well on your way to greater wellness.

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