Stick to Your New Year's Resolution with a Personal Trainer

Written By TMS Fitness, Total Movement Studio on December 21, 2018

With the start of every new year comes a set of resolutions to be better than you were the year or even years before. It gives you the chance to have a fresh start. 

You may have tried to stick with a fitness or weight loss program in previous years, but this is the year to get off the ground. As you consider your options, you may also want to consider a personal trainer to start your year off right.

Pick a One Word Goal

Most resolutions involve ideas like wanting to be thinner or hoping for better organization. Having that one word to focus on will give you a better chance of sticking with your resolution.

Consider words that have meaning like the word “strong.” You can find ways to incorporate strength into your everyday life. From a fitness perspective, it could also include personal training

If training is part of your goal, remember, according to a study conducted by the UT Southwestern Medical Center, a single workout can boost metabolism for days.

Nutrition is Key

Sticking with nutrition does mean a more significant change to your lifestyle, but when you do, you will be better off. That doesn’t mean you have to be a chef or even an excellent cook. 

Instead, it’s a good idea to have a few healthy choices available to you like frozen or raw veggies and fruit, boiled eggs, nuts, and other quick options.

The team over at TMS Fitness can help you better understand nutrition, too, thanks to their combined professional background. With a Certified Nutrition Specialist on staff, the team would be more than happy to help you with your nutrition.

Moderation is Not Perfection

This is a big one, and it applies to mental, physical, and nutritional wellbeing. A personal trainer can help you stick with your goals, too, by helping you monitor your progress. They can make life easier by checking on how you’re doing with a weight loss program.

If you want to eat out, maybe pick some place like the Café Monarch that has plenty of healthy choices. You also need to remember that falling off the fitness wagon every once in a while doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You can always jump right back on. If you’re better most of the time, that’s better than none of the time.

Making the Commitment

Be realistic about your goals while being mindful about your choices. Life will keep you busy, but even still, don’t become one of those people that are gone within the first few months. Commit, and you’re set to become a healthier version of yourself.

TMS Fitness can help you make that commitment or answer any questions you might have, so give us a call at (480) 499-2722 today!

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